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We respect and honor individual uniqueness, which we believe is paramount to providing you with a personalized training approach. We take into consideration your current fitness level and goals while appropriately challenging you everyday. Our philosophy will allow you to steadily evolve and grow in strength, mental fortitude and enable you to reach your fitness goals. Whether you are participating in one-on-one training or small group training, you will receive the individualized attention you deserve. 


Fit Nor Cal is a movement driven by positive and creative energy to motivate, inspire and educate individuals 
to take control of their life through health, fitness and spiritual means!
Our mission at Fit Nor Cal (FNC) is to get YOU healthy from the inside OUT!
Through physical activity, emotional & spiritual support & nutritional coaching, WE can help YOU set realistic goals & more importantly, make a successful lifestyle change. Whether you want to build muscle, drop pounds, participate in endurance events, or simply feel better, our team of professionals will inspire & motivate YOU to achieve success!

​​​At Fit Nor Cal, we don't do one size fits all fitness. Why would we? Everyone comes to us with different goals, needs and objectives. 

Inside Fit Nor Cal, things are different. Support is contagious, cheers are louder, smiles are bigger and goals and expectations are higher. We feel you will be able to push harder, move a little faster, get one more rep in and stick with with your fitness routine a little longer to achieve success. 

At Fit Nor Cal we are more than just fitness. We're a team of trainers and staff dedicated to offering sound guidance and healthy encouragement to you every day. Our combined experiences, expertise and skills help to create an environment that will enable you to reach your personal goals