Meet the Team


Grace has a approach to training. Her work in the HSU Kinesiology Dept has given her the tools to convey proper form when doing complex moves insuring safety and success. She is soft spoken with a great sense of pushing you. She is a beautiful soul with a very sweet demeanor. The gym fitness hippie, with attention to detail on form, she approaches health and fitness as a constant learning lesson. With love and understanding she leads her clients through their own successful fitness journey. Her queuing is on point, making sure form is perfect. She has a great interest in Olympic weightlifting. Exercise is essential to maintaining vitally throughout life and having a passion for exercise and a healthy lifestyle is important. Grace utilizes exercise and healthy  To create individualized training plans that will enable you to gain strength, maintain health and enrich your quality of life. Grace will help you unite your fitness goals with your lifestyle to create a space of empowerment and consistency. 

Certifications and Specialties
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist NSCA
Resistance Training
Metabolic Conditioning 
Personal  and Small Group Training


Debi’s weight loss journey and fitness journey has given her an approachability that clients feel comfortable and secure with. She encourages and inspires her clients to achieve their goals by example. She has a deep and unwavering passion for guiding individuals towards a healthier life inside and out. She inspires dedication and determination to making better choices with a love that is tough but unwavering, grounded in a strong foundation of nutrition, strength conditioning, cycling and will power. Debi is inquisitive and jovial with persistence allows her to connect with anyone who enters the gym. With a big heart and life of the party mentality, she welcomes everyone into her world with open arms. Her enthusiasm for fitness is infectious with a positive attitude helping clients get through even a brutal workout. Commitment, dedication and focus will enable you to achieve a successful and lasting lifestyle change. It is paramount that personal needs come first for health and well-being both physical and spiritual.  Debi can help you set realistic goals and work on obstacles and triggers that sometimes sabotage lifestyle change efforts. Whether you want a personal nutrition plan, a weight loss coach, a personal trainer or just need that extra push, Debi can help you reach your goals. It’s time to stop worrying about the number on the scale and start getting healthy from the inside out. Whether you want to build muscles, drop pounds, participate in endurance events or simply feel better 

Certifications and Specialties:
Fitness Nutrition and Weight Loss Coaching
Personal Nutrition Planning
Weight Management Coaching
Workplace Wellness
Seminars and Group Coaching


Danny’s 20 plus years of expertise in the fitness industry shines through in his seamless guidance and understanding of how to coach an individual to do their best and even better than they expected themselves When you are working with Danny, he makes every minute count and leaves you anticipating more. Don’t let his zen appearance fool you. His calmness will sneak up on you and get you when you least expect it. Otherwise known as Mr Zen, he brings a calming energy to his training sessions. Don’t be fooled, the calmness pave the way for a high intensity gym experience like no others. HIs friendly demeanor makes everyone feel welcome. HIs encouragement during workouts consistently inspires people to work their hardest. Getting started on an exercise regime is challenging. People sometimes need help getting started and staying on track. Danny will help to motivate you to reach your personal goals in health and in fitness. Danny will listen to your needs and take into consideration your physical limits and develop a sustainable training routine. I began working professionally in the field of physical fitness in April 2009.  I was certified as a personal trainer through ACE (American Council on Exercise) and began my career at Arcata, Californias HeathSport fitness club.  I honed my skills as a one on one trainer as well as a fitness instructor for groups of up to 40 individuals specializing in strength and conditioning, cycle and cycle/strength.  I went into business for myself as Baer Fitness in August 2012 as an independent contractor training out of Fit Nor Cal.  

I became involved with training because I felt I had the ability to work well with others both personally and in large groups.  My aim has always been to help those individuals achieve their goals.  I've had the good fortune to watch many of my clients gain strength, tone, lose weight, become more flexible and ease aches and pains.

If you're considering an exercise program I can help get you on the right track.  I will listen to your needs, take into consideration any physical limitations and create a sustainable training routine.  Please feel free to contact me to set up a free consultation and we can proceed from there.  I've been told many times that this is often the hardest part of training.  So take a deep breath, pick up the phone, dial and leave the rest up to me.

Certifications and Specialties:
Personal Trainer
Spin and Circuit Training
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Student of Meditational Studies
Life Coach  


An athlete with an NFQ attitude. He is willing to experiment with movement and cardio endurance like a durcelle battery. HIs physical achievements as a runner and cyclist make him an inspiring trainer. He has taken his dedication to those abilities and brought them into the gym. His enthusiasm and athletic background in a array of sports inspires us all to try new activities. He extends gratitude and graciousness to all levels of individuals in the gym and leaves you with a great sense of accomplishment . With wheels and energy for days, he is a gym/class role model of giving your all.


Cross Fit Level One